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About first customers, developments, and future plans

This year, on October 1, 2023, we celebrate our 12.5-year anniversary! It's a special moment, especially because we are proud and grateful for all the customers who have joined us ...
Contact center

All together on the Green Cloud

We value sustainability and social responsibility. Our goal is to make a positive impact and contribute to a better world, not only through our services but also in other areas. ...
Contact center

The impact of hybrid work on effective customer contact

Alternating between working from home and the office. Does this work for client contact departments? Yes, of course it does. Provided it is well-organized. This blog expands on the question ...
Contact center

The future of your customer contact availability

The customer contact center (CCC) has evolved significantly in recent years. In the past, customers were primarily assisted over the phone, but nowadays there are numerous ways to contact a ...

Staying close to renters with multiple channels and Teams Calling

We are very pleased that we were recently able to make a contribution to customer contact excellence for the Ymere housing association! Ymere works entirely with Microsoft 365, now also ...

More and more contact centers choose Unexus Connect for Teams

In recent years, most organizations have rapidly adopted hybrid working. In addition, Microsoft Teams is often chosen as the basis for internal location-independent communication. Now that organizations have become accustomed ...

Municipality of Venlo Customer Contact Center uses Unexus Connect omnichannel environment

The Municipality of Venlo had been considering an omnichannel environment for some time. Through an extensive market consultation, the municipality’s project group decided on Unexus. Rob aan de Brugh, Project ...

Why switching to omnichannel customer contact brings benefits

You may be familiar with the situation: You work in the IT department or the Customer Care Center and notice that the customer interactions on various communication channels take place spread ...

Efficient customer contact with Microsoft Teams and Unexus integrations

The way we work and communicate is changing. Due to current developments, many people work from home (or hybrid) and remote meetings have turned normal. To facilitate employees, organizations have ...
Contact center

Woonplus Schiedam about their first experiences with Unexus Connect

We regularly launch the Unexus Connect communication platform for new customers. Such was also the case last September at Woonplus Schiedam, a real estate corporation that aims to invest in ...
Contact center

The changing role of customer service

What is the biggest challenge for customer contact centers nowadays? That's what the event ‘Customer Service Congress’ (KCC-Congres) was all about. Together with CKC Seminars we partnered up for this ...

Unexus and Blue-Mountain create integrated all-in-one BI solution

It may sound like a cliché, but it's an undeniable truth: to measure is to know. With this in mind, Unexus and Blue-Mountain are very proud to be working together, ...
Contact center

Woonforte: Tempt the customer to self-service with Unexus

In an interesting article in the latest edition of the CorporatieGids, Woonforte explains how they have dealt creatively with the corona crisis and how they want to tempt their clients ...
Woonstad Rotterdam
Contact center

Woonstad Rotterdam: Good customer communication requires interaction from a compassionate human perspective

It is always very interesting to read the vison on customer contact of one of the largest housing corporations in the Netherlands. Especially when it concerns one of Unexus' clients. ...
first aid bhv

Fast and effective assistance thanks to the Unexus Emergency Response solution

Effective emergency assistance is often a matter of minutes, which is why good and fast communication is crucial. Unfortunately, there are incidents every day in which the emergency assistance begins ...

Practical usage of Business Intelligence software

Business Intelligence software (BI software) is a technical tool that offers insight in your data. You can learn about developments in the data, act upon those developments and foresee the ...

The virtual assistant is a step towards the future

Modern customer service receives a large number of requests for help and assistance through all kinds of communication channels. Examples of these are social media, the website, email and the ...

9 tips to optimize your customer service

Customer service is an integration that everyone has to deal with from time to time. Whether you are a consumer or a professional, everyone has examples of a good or ...