Contact Center with Unexus Connect for Teams

Want to enable contact center features from within Microsoft Teams? Teams provides the basis for internal, location-independent communication. Still, you need more than only Microsoft Teams in order to use it as a customer service solution. Turn Teams into your contact center with Unexus Connect for Teams.

Direct delivery and service for the best solution for your contact center

We deliver a self-developed communication platform. We implement the platform ourselves. We don’t work with intermediaries or consultants. Skip those steps and work with us directly in order to find the best solution. We offer plenty of room for customization. Better yet, we continuously refine our platform based on our customers’ input!

Teamoverleg van Unexus

4 advantages of Unexus Connect for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams integration

Create your contact center with Microsoft Teams and Unexus. Manage your accessibility, expand with Teams Calling and integrate Teams into your applications.

Presence management

Oversee the availability of all employees at a glance. Employees can indicate when they can process questions and who best to be on-call for customers.


Microsoft Teams calling

Set up your external telephony with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and combine the benefits of Unexus Connect and MS Teams.

Smart routing

Continue to work on insight and improvement with routing of Microsoft Teams telephony via the Unexus platform.

TeamsClient op laptop

Work with Unexus Teams Client in-app

Unexus also offers an application that runs within Teams. You can download this application in the Teams app store. It’s a great solution for small contact centers or your organization’s back office. This in-app contains the Unexus telephony functions, such as switching into or out of a group and outbound number selection – easy to use within the Microsoft Teams environment.


Other organizations preceded you

Customers regularly ask us whether they can make more use of Microsoft Teams in their contact center. After all, customers often already have licenses and want to utilize these as best they can. Whether you’ve been working with Microsoft Teams for two years already or are just beginning, you can still get more out of your customer communication. With Unexus Connect for Teams you create more options for your availability.