New channels of communication besides telephony will have influence on the accessibility of organisations. People want to receive and use information freely. Organizations are aware of this and aim for good accessibility and efficient collaboration. Unexus Communication platform allows companies to give body to this modern 24/7 communication need of our society.

The IT-based all-in-one solution provides worried-free, proven reliability and helps to optimize customer processes at a good price / quality ratio. Professional customer service and accessibility that fits people and organisation’s needs.


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Accessibility for the entire organization

Each organization has its own policy regarding reachability. Some choose to have one access number and have internal agreements regarding the availability of each department while others leave it up to the individuals. Research has shown that accessibility has a big impact on customer experience. Whatever the policy is, Unexus has a solution for any organization.

Multichannel customer service

Customers want to choose their preferred channel to have contact with organizations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Technological advances and ongoing digitization ask for flexible and dynamic solutions at manageable costs. Modern cloud or on-premise contact centers, which pay for the function being used. The Unexus Multichannel Contact Center is a scalable, full featured solution enabling optimal customer service.

Application Integration

Integration of the (tele) communications platform with existing business applications provides a higher productivity and quality of services. Transferring calls at one time with the right customer information to connect to the 2nd line specialists results in a faster response time and prevents mistakes. By integrating UCS with other applications, you can offer your customers a better and faster service. Your communication processes become more efficient and therefore cheaper.

We have integrated UCS successfully with several applications for organizations at home and abroad. From standard CRM environments like SAP or Microsoft to applications that have been developed specifically for clients. The openness of our communication platform allows integration with your business applications and IT environment easily and cost effective. Of course, we provide you with our expert advice. We guide your organization to a successful implementation.

All in one communication solution

Unexus Communications Server (UCS) is an all in one integrated communications platform from which all contacts and communication will be managed.

UCS has modern and extended functionalities that can be used for both small and large organizations. This is available at minimum investment costs and you can also choose for pay per use. The UCS can be applied in any existing or new environment. Unexus Communications Server is scalable and grows with your organization. For each organization we work with you to find the appropriate solution.

Unexus Connect 365

Unexus Connect 365 adds full-telephony and fixed mobile integration to Office 365.

Adding full-telephony and fixed-mobile integration to Office 365 is now possible with Unexus Connect 365. Unexus Connect 365 is a cloud-based telephony solution for any organization that uses already Office 365. It’s a flexible solution that can grow with your organization while it does not require any investments. It contains a variety of functions going from an operator to a multichannel customer service and even fixed mobile integration, fully integrated with Office 365, Email, Calendar, and Skype for Business. How great is that!

If you find accessibility, convenience and excellent customer service through modern digital channels important, then Unexus Connect 365 is the solution for your company.

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