Intelligent yet personal

Technology offers many possibilities. Nevertheless, we believe that happy employees make the difference in customer contact. Using smart technology can speed up customer service and create space for your employees. Distribute the workload with virtual assistants. For example, set up automated conversation flows on the chat, Whatsapp or in a conversation. This way you create space for your employees to tackle questions that require more attention or a personal approach with care.

Customer service of the future

We are already dreaming about the customer service of the future. More and more intelligent technology is used in support of customer contact. For example, to answer simple questions from customers quickly. This way you can continue to grow your customer service.

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Intelligent contact center

We offer various options for implementing artificial intelligence in the services you provide to your customers. A chatbot on the website can handle questions that can be easily answered. Of course, it is important to always offer customers the choice of contacting an actual employee. We can also implement this chatbot in WhatsApp.

In addition, you can use text-to-speech at various times. This option is easy if you are working on configuring call flows. Easily add messages to the telephone line, e.g. for emergency announcements or when the contact center is very busy.

We also offer an intelligent knowledge base in our applications. This helps answer customer questions more rapidly because the relevant answer suggestions appear in the response field.

Customer cases


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Foto van Mathilde van Thuisvester, lacht naar de camera


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