Waardwonen, located in Huissen, Gelderland, is a housing corporation that provides accommodations to almost 4,000 households in Lingewaard and Berg en Dal. For all these renters, Waardwonen wants to ensure a comfortable living space where they can be themselves. A space that is safe and trusted in a nice neighborhood, where people live in harmony with each other.

As a customer-oriented organization, Waardwonen is always looking for ways to improve customer contact. The main wish of Edwin Mennes, I&A Coordinator at Waardwonen, was for all business applications at Waardwonen to link to one location in Azure/Active Directory. It also had to be possible to link the applications to each other. Telephony and integration of various customer contact applications into one customer contact platform was clearly a big part of this.

Interested in a demonstration of the Unexus Communication Platform?


  • Unexus Connect platform

  • Mobile phones

  • Emergency module


  • Integration with Microsoft Teams

  • Integration with Viewpoint Itris

  • Integration with Microsoft Calender