One communication platform

Unexus Connect is an integrated communication platform that is the ideal solution for your contact center and back office. Meet your customers’ needs and improve your service level. Using Unexus Connect allows you to unite all communication channels. Process questions efficiently and in a customer-oriented manner. Configure availability with scalable telephony for the front and back office.

Customer service with Dutch amiability

Based on Microsoft technology, this Dutch platform is a basis for many organizations that are working on customer satisfaction and excellent customer service. The software and availability solutions we offer are extensive and intelligent. Thanks to this we guarantee seamless communication between customers and employees.

Customer questions are received in an organized manner. These can then be processed quickly and hassle-free, thereby offering clarity and pleasant contact between customers and employees.

Team Development

4 reasons to choose Unexus Connect


Omnichannel Contact Center

Equip your contact center for telephony, email, SMS, web chat, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

360º caller information

Screen pop-up with extensive details about the caller, extendable with each application integration.

Hosted in the Unexus Cloud

Choose to have us handle your hosting in our Unexus Cloud. We’re eager to add you to our list of happy customers.

Business telephony

Upgrade your telephone switchboard to the cloud. Expand with mobile telephony, fixed-mobile telephony and fixed telephony.

Unexus software

Classic availability with telephony for the entire organization

Unexus Connect is scalable and can therefore be used in both small and large organizations and contact centers. The platform is also perfectly suited for a (private) cloud or hosting environment. The only thing you need to use the software is a web browser.

A phone call, email, SMS or chat message: thanks to Unexus’s intelligent routing technology, every message is sent to the correct department or employee.

We organize telephony in cooperation with our partner UMTelecom. This includes fixed telephony, VoIP, fixed-mobile calling and fully mobile telephony.


Intuitive and comprehensive

Organizations are looking for a solution to equip their contact center and the back office. To this end, we have various solutions that you can acquire when using our platform. Using our software is intuitive and always comprehensive. We are your pro-active partner from the very beginning.