“What makes us so enthusiastic is that it now really doesn’t matter from what location we work from. Whether from home, or from IKEA, with Unexus Connect you can work from anywhere. The arrival of the Unexus app for accessibility of employees at the office or in the field is also very useful to us.

We have learned that it is important to not only focus on your customer contact center when implementing a new communication platform, but also on the employees in the back office. This is because they do not navigate the telephony platform on a daily basis. This is why they have a different support need than the employees of the CCC who do work with the platform on a daily basis. That is why we will soon be creating user profiles, containing a description of how different employees can best work with telephony.

Finally, Unexus Connect simplifies and heightens my own work as functional. There is so much more possible now! And we are well supported to find our way in the Unexus platform. We now have been working with Unexus since September 2021, yet the platform and partnership feels already intuitive. To conclude: we are very happy with it.”

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