Customer service is an integration that everyone has to deal with from time to time. Whether you are a consumer or a professional, everyone has examples of a good or bad customer service experience. We work non-stop to update and optimise our own customer service as well as our clients. Clients who want to combine availability and reachability of their staff to cater to their own customers. But they want this to be as cost effective as possible.

Next to this, a lot of our clients focus on the possibilities to design the customer service to the needs of their employees. For instance, whether to be formal or very personal.

We have gained enormous experience in the last 25 years. We know what needs our clients have and suggest new ways to optimise their own customer service.

We have combined all our knowledge and come up with nine tips for business to improve their customer service!  


Phones will always hold a fundamental place in customer service. Whatever the convenience of other communication channels – nothing is quite as pragmatic and easy as a friendly and personal conversation through the telephone. These conversations also hold the benefit of asking about the customers experience, if they have other questions and if they have recommendations or thoughts. No other communication channel can offer you this. So make sure to set up an optimal call-flow, this will help for sure.


Let’s be real: whatever system the customer service uses, the employees are the base to every happy customer experience. Reason enough to take good care of them. A system that is user friendly and is easy to learn is really important.

Office hours

Many companies are reachable between 9 and 5. While most consumers are used to dealing with their questions and to-do’s after hours. It does not demand complicated tricks to set the Unexus clients service to fit this need of the customer.

Combining data

Every company hold much data. It would be a waste to not use this valuable info. Connect the customer service center to the CRM or other systems that you work with, to identify the consumer that contacts you. It’s not only friendly to know your consumer, but it also saves you time.

With an integration with Office or Outlook it is also possible to connect the data from employees agenda’s to the customer service. This way nobody needs to be disturbed during their meetings.

Tone of Voice

The tone of voice is a big factor to distinguish your company to the next. Make your customer feel at home, but do this according to the company’s tone of voice. Furthermore, the tone of voice should be incorporated in very communication channel.

Fixed or mobile

Mobile phones: why not. Thanks to the diversity the smartphone has to offer, it is also possible to work at different locations. Working at a different office, at home, or in emergencies at random spots? No difficulties with the fixed – mobile integrations of Unexus.

Be social!

Social media such as Facebook or What’sapp have a high usage rate. It is very useful to reach the customer there as well. Customers who ask or seek for contact on Facebook can be added and routed to the queue of your customer service platform.

Be quick

Brief and quick, these are keywords necessary in crisis situations. The glass broke; my door doesn’t open; The wrong item was delivered… Webchat and Whatsapp can help aid these quick conversations because it offers taking photos of movies to identify the problem. Incorporating these communication channels are a plus.

To measure is to know

How fast is your response time? How often are clients transferred? How pleased are your customers? This is useful information to provide a optimal and client friendly customer service. Unexus integrates tools to report all your questions. This way you can compliment your best employee or invest in the weak spots of your customer service.

About Unexus

Unexus Contact Solutions delivers complete contact-solutions. We support organizations to enlarge their communication systems to help optimize their services to their customers. This makes it possible for organizations to work client friendly and attain better results.

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