It may sound like a cliché, but it’s an undeniable truth: to measure is to know. With this in mind, Unexus and Blue-Mountain are very proud to be working together, combining our expertise, experience and leading software. Two companies with more than 25 years of combined experience, who now serve about 100 housing corporations. This wonderful cooperation offers clear added value for our clients in order to obtain indispensable in-depth insights quickly and easily.

Leading in our industries

For 10 years, Unexus Connect has been leading the way as a modular platform that sends all omni-channel communication to the right person via intelligent routing. Integrations with numerous CRM or ERP systems and fixed-mobile integrations create a modern and indispensable link in the business processes of organisations. Katoomba from Blue-Mountain is the Business Intelligence (BI) environment for housing corporations, developed from 15 years of BI experience in the housing sector. Thanks to this new partnership, users will be able to start analysing all their data in an integrated way and use it to eliminate inefficiencies within the organisation. The more you know about your data, the better you can work on optimising business processes, gaining insight into the use of different channels, looking for savings and working towards higher customer satisfaction.

The value of Business Intelligence

Most organisations are aware of the value of the information hidden in data and what it can deliver. After all, how do you make well-considered decisions and policies without the right data? However, it is a challenge for any organisation to get the desired insight in an easy and affordable way. Good information gathering and analysis takes a lot of time if there is no effective workflow for this. A pitfall of BI information can be that it produces a mountain of data, from which sometimes no clear conclusions can be drawn. Static reports or Excel reports can miss the necessary depth. Good BI software therefore enables you to convert the raw data into easily usable and often graphic information.

Clear and visual

With the Unexus Connect platform, Unexus collects data on every telephone and omnichannel interaction. This data is a goldmine for mapping customer processes, making bottlenecks visible and ultimately optimising the processes. The Unexus Connect BI template, developed together with Blue-Mountain, unlocks the large amount of available data, showing at a glance the important KPIs and allowing for easy analysis and conclusions. The dashboard contains a large number of graphical representations that can be used to arrive at new insights even more quickly, such as multiple diagrams and heatmaps. In addition, it is possible to build your own dashboards in the Power BI environment in an easily accessible way and generate extensive reports automatically or manually.

Joining forces

By joining forces, Unexus and Blue-Mountain offer a well-functioning and easy-to-use Business Intelligence system that enables organisations to professionalise further. Together we are even better and can offer our customers a total package that allows them to easily draw conclusions from in-depth data analysis in an accessible way, without extensive prior knowledge of BI software.

Wim Pullens, Commercial Director Unexus:

“We are very happy with the cooperation with Blue-Mountain as an experienced party in the field of Business Intelligence solutions. The enormous amount of data that Unexus Connect collects now gives us an even easier insight, via the developed BI dashboard, into the accessibility of the entire organisation, from front office to back office and from telephony to omnichannel.”

Ed Stekelenburg, Managing Director Blue-Mountain:

“Unexus is good at facilitating communication. Blue-Mountain is good at generating reliable information. Through our cooperation, customers will get the sum of these core qualities. By combining our knowledge and experience, organisations can monitor their customer contact in such a way that improvements can be implemented quickly.”

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