You may be familiar with the situation: You work in the IT department or the Customer Care Center and notice that the customer interactions on various communication channels take place spread out across the team. Some employees focus mainly on WhatsApp, while others manage the Facebook account. This can lead to annoyance, inadequate transparency and lack of insight about relevant customer interactions. And this, in turn, leads to decreased customer satisfaction. Wouldn’t it be great to have an overview of all the channels and the interactions stemming from them in one place? This is exactly what we offer with our omnichannel solution within CaaS Unexus Connect.

Omnichannel routes all your customer interactions to one platform

With omnichannel you can ensure that all messages and incoming interactions from customers will be routed and will end up in an automatic queue. From this queue, intelligent software assesses which customer advisor or employee should receive the message. This allows customer interactions to be processed by the most appropriate and first available employee. These interactions also remain visible in the customer’s history. Even if your customer chooses a different communication channel for a subsequent interaction.

Handy when one platform can route all communication channels

To make omnichannel successful, it’s essential to connect the most important communication channels to your communication platform. This includes instant messages, such as those on WhatsApp, Facebook or a webchat module. Videos and photos can also be included with these interactions as an attachment. This is useful so you can immediately delve into the topic at hand, or if proof is needed or a photo is helpful for explaining an issue.

E-mail routing of shared inboxes is also possible. Handy for jointly managing an inbox while keeping track of what has been sent, when and by whom. It’s nicely structured and hence more organized.

Facebook is the predominant channel that receives informal questions in webcare. It’s important to provide fast and targeted responses on social media. All messages that appear on the wall and in the webchat of the corporate page are routed through the omnichannel to the most appropriate and available employee. This is ideal for enabling a targeted and, above all, fast response, which immediately bodes well for your availability and hence your reputation.

A chat module on your website is also useful to include in the general routing of customer interactions. Visitors to your website can informally ask questions there. In this case, it’s important for the interaction to be quickly picked up and processed. These chats are immediately included in the routing and can be processed through Unexus Connect omnichannel.

The five benefits of working with omnichannel

Meet your customer’s needs using their preferred communication channel

Customers are becoming increasingly selective and often prefer asynchronous communication with organizations. The communication channel field has changed, and it’s best for organizations to also change and develop accordingly. Does your customer want contact with your organization? Then this should be efficient and easy, and in the customer’s preferred manner. With an omnichannel solution, you not only keep pace with developments, you also make things easier and more efficient for the organization!

Work efficiently

Omnichannel in customer contact can help you work (together) efficiently on various channels and across various customers. The communication is received on one channel and can be immediately allocated across employees. What’s more, the interaction with all channels can always be retrieved by various employees, ensuring that the history of each channel is never lost and a chat can be continued later.

Work in a targeted manner per channel

Different communication channels have different characters. This requires specific communication guidelines, including on things like response times, but also on how to answer questions and how specific the information needs to be. Here’s a concrete example: Facebook’s informal character necessitates rapid responses that are brief and concise. In order to remain efficient on each communication channel, it can be useful to assign a specific group of employees to this routing.

Create a fair workload distribution

Working with an omnichannel solution saves time because consultation about the incoming communication isn’t necessary. Distributing the workload is also easier and above all more transparent. Including an email in the queue, for example, makes it a lot easier to divide and assign emails or assign them to an employee with high availability in real time.

Don’t miss a single customer interaction

Don’t allow a single customer interaction to go unanswered. Implementing omnichannel decreases the chance of missed interactions. Email is processed in order, so that nothing remains unanswered and the work is always transparent. Interactions are processed in Unexus Connect, so that the conversation history always remains complete and there is always a good overview of the agreements made with the customer.


In summary, we can conclude that an omnichannel solution offers opportunities and above all brings benefits. Of course, it must be possible to integrate all channels. This will enable you to meet your customer’s needs efficiently and effectively while not missing any interactions internally and distributing the workload fairly.

Reason enough to choose an omnichannel solution. No longer miss any interactions and stay up-to-date on current communication channels. Choose Unexus Connect omnichannel.

One complete solution for your customer care

Would you like to find out more about the complete solution for telephony and omnichannel by Unexus? A simple solution to all your customer care challenges is within reach. Read more about our work or contact us to find out more!

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