Unexus Platform

Unexus Connect

Unexus Connect makes customer communication easier, more efficient and measurable. The platform is modular; this makes it easy to adapt to the wishes of any organisation. Thanks to the many years of experience of the Unexus team, we can help you tailor our platform perfectly to your processes.

Modular solution

The modules within the Unexus Connect Platform ensure that we can configure the platform precisely to the client’s wishes. An omnichannel solution with quality monitoring and fixed-mobile integration? It’s all possible!

Omnichannel solution

The omnichannel solution offers multiple channels simultaneously in one smart platform. Choose telephony and email routing, and add web chat, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger as communication channels. All communication history is stored in the Unexus platform and remains available at all times.

Unexus App

Unexus Connect is always available on (practically) any smartphone. The App is available for iOS and Android. For users with the Supervisor role there is also an app available for Supervisors with these specific tasks.

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This is Unexus

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We offer the most modern technology, but it is still people who make the difference. No company is the same, our experienced specialists provide a communication solution that actually works and fits the needs of your organization.