Emergency Response

Effective emergency assistance is often a matter of minutes, which is why good and fast communication is crucial. Unfortunately, there are incidents every day in which the emergency assistance begins unnecessarily late. An efficient communication platform is essential for an ERO (Emergency Response Officer) to be able to act quickly in the event of a fire, evacuation or other incident.

Improve communication during an incident

Thanks to the Emergency Response module within Unexus Connect this process is optimised, and there are several options to quickly inform and activate emergency response officers. The Unexus ER solution works as a central alarm- and information system. The platform makes it easy to mobilise the ERO’s, ensuring the safety of employees at all times.

Due to the ever-increasing mobility of employees, it is sometimes a challenge to quickly get in touch with the right person in case of incidents. Especially in organizations that have several branches, the overview of employee availability is not always there. An efficiently functioning communication platform is therefore indispensable in order to get an effective emergency response service up and running quickly.

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Flexible activation of the Emergency Response officers

There are several ways to reach the Emergency Response staff via the Unexus Connect platform. For example, in the case of an incident a pre-defined SMS message can be sent to the Emergency Response group. It is also possible to call a pre-defined central number, after which the (mobile) phones of all available Emergency Response staff will ring. After hearing a recorded message, the receipt must be confirmed by pressing a certain telephone key to prevent the call from ending up in a voicemail. If no one has answered the call within a certain (adjustable) time, the call can be forwarded with the highest priority to, for example, customer service or another separate telephone.

In addition, the ER solution also offers the possibility for all persons involved to communicate directly with each other by means of a conference call. By doing this the person reporting the incident and all employees in the ER group are in direct contact and the incident can be dealt with more quickly.

In cases of aggression at the reception desk or on the work floor, an alarm can be raised using a physical emergency button. As soon as this button is pressed, a predetermined emergency procedure is activated. An β€˜aggression response team’ can be called up very quickly and discretely. If an Emergency Response alarm is triggered somewhere, a flashing light or siren can also be activated for extra attention.

What are the possibilities of the Unexus Emergency Response solution?

  • A central telephone number for all employees to call the Emergency Response Officers.
  • Send pre-defined messages by voice, SMS or text.
  • Easy to use and total integration within the Unexus Connect platform.
  • Confirmation that an Emergency Response message has been received.
  • Automatic escalation if no confirmation is received within a certain amount of time.
  • Conference calls for fast and easy group communication.
  • Flexible activating/ deactivating of persons within the ER group.
  • Reporting options.
  • The ER group can always be reached internally and/or externally, regardless of availability status.
  • Possibility to activate a flashing light or alarm.
  • Activation possible via an alarm button.

Make sure that your in-house emergency response service is well-arranged

Thanks to the Unexus Connect Emergency Response solution, important messages can be passed on quickly and effectively to the right people. Contact us for additional information about the Unexus ER solution, and ensure that your organisation can communicate efficiently in the event of an emergency.

E: info@unexus.nl
T: +31 (0)35 – 700 97 60
Tolweg 3-IV, 3741 LM Baarn, The Netherlands

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