The Municipality of Venlo had been considering an omnichannel environment for some time. Through an extensive market consultation, the municipality’s project group decided on Unexus. Rob aan de Brugh, Project Manager Information Management, tells us more in this interview.

Why did you decide to sit down at the table with Unexus?

“We wanted a new communication platform in which we could also work with omnichannel. Especially telephony, email routing and web chat. We looked at other parties and searched the market for suitable solutions for our innovation strategy. We invited five companies to tender, with Unexus being one of them.

We asked several suppliers to present their own demo environment. After the demonstrations by the invited suppliers, we started our evaluations as a project group. Naturally, we looked at the desired functionalities, but also at the user experience. We deemed it important for the employees of the Customer Service Center to make this decision together. Unexus was the most attractive option.”

Which solutions are a benefit for you?

“We used to work with a Customer Service Center environment, but now we’ve switched over to an omnichannel environment. We’ve now incorporated the web chat, telephony and email routing channels into our omnichannel. We set up the Unexus platform for the Customer Service Center, and two months later also for the team mid-office social district teams. With regard to integrations, we opted for a Microsoft Teams integration. This allows the Customer Service Center employee to see another employee’s availability, both on the schedule and when he or she is on a call.”

Photo by stedenbouwkundige Nanda Sluijsmans (creative commons)

From tender to go-live, what has your experience been like?

“After the tender process was complete, the project and the preparations for the installation could begin. I worked very closely with Maurice from Unexus on this. I’m very happy with this process. Collaboration with Maurice was top-notch. We were often on the same wavelength, so we clicked quite well. I clearly saw that a deal truly is a deal. Unexus really does what it promises to do, which makes for a very pleasant working relationship and creates confidence in each other. I noticed that this was the case not only for Maurice but for other Unexus employees as well.

All of our employees who work with the Unexus platform received training. The software is very intuitive, both for setting up processes and for the user. Communication with Maurice and Wim was always very good. Due to all of this, I have a very positive opinion of Unexus as an organization with which to collaborate.”

How do you see the future of the Customer Service Center?

“We want to switch to Microsoft Teams Calling. Thanks to our procurement of Unexus, we now have the possibility of fully integrating with Microsoft Teams. We intend to further implement calling with Teams in the coming period. The current telephony platform will then be eliminated. By deploying Unexus as an omnichannel environment, we’re taking an intelligent step into the future.”

More about Unexus omnichannel

Customers expect to choose their own communication channel 24×7 to come in contact with organisations. Unexus’ solution can make this happen.

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