Omnichannel Contact Center

Because of the ongoing digitalisation customers expect to choose their own communication channel 24×7 to come in contact with organisations. Unexus’ solution can make this happen.

The Unexus Omnichannel Contact Center is a communication solution for any organization that places high demands to professional customer service. With integrated modules for routing of all channels, call recording, monitoring, customer surveys and outbound module you can constantly monitor the quality and adjust if necessary. Through a menu can choose the features that best suit your customer processes.

Phone, email, web chat, SMS, WhatsApp, video, text and other channels are routed through the same universal queue and intelligent routing mechanism to the right employee or department. By caller identification and integration with the CRM or ERP system, the employee will immediately presented the right customer card. You decide what the optimal criteria for routing are within your organization.

All interactions with your customers and back office departments are recorded and provides ready-made reports. This provides complete visibility into customer contacts, handling and performance. You can monitor real-time your organization according to SLA agreements you made internally. In addition to the integrated reporting data can be read easily in a BI tool for analysis and management reporting.

With the integrated call recording, quality monitoring application and customer satisfaction survey module you continuously have a clear view on the quality delivered by your organization. Through targeted training and coaching, you can monitor the quality. The advanced supervisor area offers all possibilities to monitor performance and make adjustments when needed.

The integrated self-service module of the UCS Omnichannel Contact Center allows you to provide a good service to customers 24 hours a day. This automated processes can be set up quickly and affordably within your organization. This increases customer satisfaction and reduces your costs.


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Microsoft Teams and Unexus

New: the Unexus Teams Client

In addition to our existing integrations with Microsoft Teams, it is now also possible to use the Unexus Connect platform from within Microsoft Teams. We call it the Unexus Teams Client.

In this collaboration with Microsoft, we have synergized our technology with Microsoft Teams in order to offer the user a single platform. Users of the Unexus Teams Client have access to communication flows and specific functionalities of Unexus Connect from one central application.

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WhatsApp for business

Unexus enters into a partnership with CM.com

Unexus has entered into a strategic partnership with CM.com to offer the WhatsApp Business Solution in its platform through CM.com. With the partnership, Unexus underscores its commitment to finding solid partners that add value to our clients. The WhatsApp Business Solution is a valuable and effective channel to strengthen customer service and improve business results.

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Microsoft Teams

Unexus Connect integrates with Microsoft Teams

As our customers have come to expect from us, we are leading the way in integrating (business) applications with our Unexus Connect platform. Unexus Connect from now on also offers integration with Microsoft Teams. No more guessing about the presence status of colleagues or getting transferred calls during a Teams meeting. Working with Unexus Connect and Microsoft Teams helps to take collaboration in your organisation to the next level.

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This is Unexus

Unexus welcomes the 50th housing corporation!

We have become specialists within the housing corporation sector. In this context, we are proud and delighted to announce that we recently welcomed our 50th housing corporation as a customer. We know what is going on in the sector and work together with our customers to perfectly meet their needs, now and in the future. A milestone has been reached; now on to the next 50 housing corporations!

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