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Application Integration

Application Integration allows you to get even more out of Unexus Connect. By integrating the communication platform with existing IT environments and business applications, you can take full advantage of all available information. From a knowledgebase to an agenda, from planning tools to quality assurance software.

The openness of our communication platform makes integration with your business applications and IT environment simple and economical.

Easy to use & convenient

From within one user-friendly environment, employees can handle all communication with customers and consult all relevant knowledge within the organization. In addition, all customer contacts are recorded centrally in the Unexus platform. So it’s now very easy to monitor quality.

In some situations outgoing contact to customers by phone or SMS can be used to send reminders. These can be appointment reminders but also reminders for payment of outstanding rent or other bills. By integrating UCS with other applications you can offer your customer a better and faster service. Your communication processes become more efficient and therefore cheaper.


We have already successfully integrated UCS with a variety of applications, for organisations in the Netherlands and abroad. From standard CRM environments such as SAP or Microsoft to applications developed specifically for customers.

The openness of our communication platform makes integration with your business applications and IT environment simple and cost effective. It goes without saying that we will provide you with our expert advice.

Advantages of integration with business applications can be:

  • Better customer experience because all information is available
  • Shorter calls due to faster availability of information and avoidance of call transfers
  • Saving manpower through the use of self-service and automated processes
  • Higher productivity by sending reminders
  • Better integrated reporting

Application Integration with, among others:

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