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Unexus’ Virtual Assistant makes voice recognition available

Voice recognition. It sounds like a simple solution to a simple problem. In reality, speech recognition is a complex process in which (incoming) speech is recognized, and various processes are then set up by the system. As a result, the employees of the customer contact center are kept free of frequently asked questions, while the Virtual Assistant ensures that these questions are handled correctly.
This innovation will soon be added to the Unexus portfolio.

Virtual Assistant in customer service

Virtual Assistant

The application possibilities of a Virtual Assistant seem unrestricted. In many places where people talk, speech recognition can play a useful role. This can, in the long term, reduce complex questions to simple solutions. At this moment it is mainly made to answer questions that can be solved by simple process-based actions. The customer service of a housing corporation is, as far as Unexus is concerned, ideally suited for using speech recognition for these questions, and thereby assisting the customer through a self-service solution.


Self-service by telephone is attractive in many ways: the customer experiences no waiting time, and no employee needs to be available to answer the customer’s request. This allows the customer to be served outside the regular opening hours. Because this customer contact is also recorded in the Unexus platform, it is possible to simply answer the follow-up questions, or to filter out of the data obtained which questions are at customers and whether these can be answered in a different way, whereby the customer contact center can be relieved.

Choice menus

The choice menu is often a factor of annoyance with the telephone customer service. Especially with complicated menu choices it is sometimes difficult to see the forest through the trees and customers end up at the wrong employee. This is annoying for both the customer and the employee who spend valuable time on the transfer, which in addition does not benefit the customer experience. By using speech recognition in an open question, the right employee can be linked to the customer on the basis of a few words.

The Virtual Assistant in action:

A customer calls the customer contact center and addresses the question:
“The glass in my kitchen door is broken”
The virtual assistant requests relevant information from the customer:
“Clearly enter your zip code”
Following the answer, the Virtual Assistant can provide the information:
“Please contact “XYZ Glaziers”
after which the telephone number of the glass trade is given.

The Virtual Assistant can now either end the connection or ask more questions; the customer may have more questions. Then a connection can be set up with an employee. This customer history is always recorded in the Unexus Platform.


The Virtual Assistant is therefore very efficient when it comes to questions that are easy to answer (such as: ‘When are opening hours, or ‘when will the rent be collected’) or for questions that trigger a simple process. No employee is needed for this, which ensures that these can be used for more complicated questions or problems. This can lead to significant savings in the long term.

Although the emergence of these innovations, in addition to other digitization solutions, will take a lot of work off the ground, the focus remains on the human solution, as far as Unexus is concerned. Not all knowledge is available digitally, and it is certainly not the case that the Virtual Assistant is the suitable partner for all conversations.

Digital and personal

Unexus will always focus on the perfect balance between digital and personal. By digitizing queues, and routing calls and by deploying the Virtual Assistant, it is easy to conduct conversations in the right way, by the right people. This allows optimum customer service to be offered. In addition, employees are deployed in the places where they are needed and there is also room for them to provide extra service.

By responding to innovations and maintaining direct contact with our end-user, Unexus continues to offer each of its customers the right balance. This guarantees the satisfaction of both our customers and the end users.

Want to know more about the Virtual Assistant, or are you interested in seeing the Virtual Assistant in action? Contact us soon!

Microsoft Teams and Unexus

New: the Unexus Teams Client

In addition to our existing integrations with Microsoft Teams, it is now also possible to use the Unexus Connect platform from within Microsoft Teams. We call it the Unexus Teams Client.

In this collaboration with Microsoft, we have synergized our technology with Microsoft Teams in order to offer the user a single platform. Users of the Unexus Teams Client have access to communication flows and specific functionalities of Unexus Connect from one central application.

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WhatsApp for business

Unexus enters into a partnership with CM.com

Unexus has entered into a strategic partnership with CM.com to offer the WhatsApp Business Solution in its platform through CM.com. With the partnership, Unexus underscores its commitment to finding solid partners that add value to our clients. The WhatsApp Business Solution is a valuable and effective channel to strengthen customer service and improve business results.

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Microsoft Teams

Unexus Connect integrates with Microsoft Teams

As our customers have come to expect from us, we are leading the way in integrating (business) applications with our Unexus Connect platform. Unexus Connect from now on also offers integration with Microsoft Teams. No more guessing about the presence status of colleagues or getting transferred calls during a Teams meeting. Working with Unexus Connect and Microsoft Teams helps to take collaboration in your organisation to the next level.

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This is Unexus

Unexus welcomes the 50th housing corporation!

We have become specialists within the housing corporation sector. In this context, we are proud and delighted to announce that we recently welcomed our 50th housing corporation as a customer. We know what is going on in the sector and work together with our customers to perfectly meet their needs, now and in the future. A milestone has been reached; now on to the next 50 housing corporations!

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