Unexus assists the Dutch public health service GGD

The world is currently under the spell of the new coronavirus also known as COVID-19. This mutated flu virus causes a lot of problems, cancellations of events, widespread quarantine and in some cases unfortunately the deaths of those affected.

In the Netherlands, one of our customers is the GGD Brabant-Zuidoost. The GGD is, together with RIVM, the first line of defense to prevent the further spread and to inform the population of the Netherlands. As soon as it became clear that the pandemic would also arrive in the Netherlands, we discussed with the GGD how we would manage the expected influx of callers. Unfortunately, Brabant where they are located is currently the most severely affected region in the Netherlands, which means that there is also the greatest demand for information. By starting on time, we were able to ensure that there is always sufficient telephone capacity to provide all concerned people with an appropriate answer. We will of course continue to monitor the situation together with the GGD so that we can make the necessary adjustments if necessary.

Tim Spijksma, GGD Brabant-Zuidoost:

“The flexibility of the Unexus platform helps us to respond to the rapidly changing situation. The GGD is currently inundated with telephone questions about the new coronavirus (COVID-19). The Unexus platform helps us find a balance between answering the questions and remaining accessible to other regular and urgent contacts. Helpful tools in the current situation are Text to Speech & Call Center on Demand (upscaling if necessary). Unexus as a supplier delivers on what has been promised in the tendering process. Thinking along with us, assisting if needed and quick implementation. That support is much appreciated.”

One of the other measures is that the government insists on working from home as much as possible. That is an area where we are currently assisting our customers with. Unexus Connect is flexible and allows working from home thanks to, for example, the mobile app. Also, during peak periods, other employees can easily temporarily step in by changing roles within Unexus Connect. This flexibility also ensures that we can quickly scale up in the number of licenses and, if the situation improves, we can also quickly scale down again.



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