UM Telecom – Unexus and Meester Electronics join forces

As from July1st, 2018, Unexus Contact Solutions and Meester Electronics will start combining parts of their activities under the name UM Telecom. All telecom services from Meester Electronics, and the fixed, mobile and internet subscriptions of Unexus will be transferred to this new organization.


UM Telecom is a so-called MVNO; a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, offering customized GSM subscriptions. Subscriptions are offered for various (telephony) activities, including fixed (sip), mobile subscriptions and internet connections. Thanks to this specialization, it is easier to serve our customers in a more targeted way.


For customers who currently take their (fixed and mobile) telephony activities via Unexus, nothing will change. Customers who currently use the services of Meester Electronics will not notice any direct change. Due to the specialization, the service level and the services will increase even further.

About Unexus:

Unexus Contact Solutions is a Dutch organization that develops and delivers complete (tele) communication solutions. Unexus helps organizations to organize their accessibility and to offer optimal service to their customers. This makes it possible to work in a customer-oriented and result-oriented way. Unexus is focused on offering accessibility solutions to companies that want to have professional contact with their customers, both at home and abroad. Thanks to the application of the latest technologies, it is possible to achieve this contact easily, efficiently and affordably.

About Meester Electronics:

Since 1989, Master Electronics has been developing, installing and maintaining various product applications in the field of fire and burglary protection, professional sound and telecommunications. From advice, installation to maintenance; everything in one hand. Knowledge, ingenuity, vision and passion for the profession are the pillars on which Master is based. The knowledge and skills of the company are used to solve technical problems in a proactive way. That goes beyond just delivering and installing the right products.


This is Unexus

A professional no-nonsense partner that relieves companies as much as possible.

We offer the most modern technology, but it is still people who make the difference. No company is the same, our experienced specialists provide a communication solution that actually works and fits the needs of your organization.