The recent turbulent times have created challenges all over the world. In spite of this, we are continuing to grow and constantly improve Unexus. Fortunately, meeting challenges and providing solutions is exactly what our newest colleague, Operations & Support Manager Henk Rikkengaa, is passionate about and specialised in. Henk will further improve and professionalise Unexus’ operations by evaluating and optimising its processes.

A past in project and programme management, management consultancy and team management have laid a foundation for Henk to guide the continuous growth of Unexus and at the same time increase performance levels.

Henk explains:

“By working on creating a motivating environment and corporate culture, I give teams the opportunity to take control and excel in what they do. So I put everyone in the right place and give them the right role in their own strength.

At Unexus I’ll get the opportunity to combine my previous experience with a commercial aspect and use that in a thriving company with a lot of potential. The first few days have confirmed to me that my choice was the right one and I have a nice set of tasks on my desk. Apart from the warm welcome, I have experienced my colleagues as professional people with a lot of intrinsic motivation. This of course makes my work a lot more pleasant.

I will work hard for our customers to ensure that all Unexus operations are optimally streamlined, our service levels are increased and we continue to achieve our service levels.

In my work my passions are cooperation and business optimisation, but on a personal level, I love climbing. That’s a great way for me to solve challenges and puzzles while I’m also exercising”.

Welcome Henk.

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