We greatly value quality and continuous improvement. This is why we wanted to comply with the NEN-EN-ISO-9001 (also called ISO 9001). This is the international standard for quality management systems. With this certificate we demonstrate that we comply with a good quality management system.

What is NEN-EN-ISO-9001?

NEN-EN-ISO-9001 (also known as ISO 9001) is the international standard for quality management systems. With this certificate we comply with a good quality management system. We had to map out our business processes and bring a continuous process of audit and improvement into the organization. We believe that we can always raise the bar using our new quality management system.

A solid foundation

Prior to attaining the certificate, the whole team of Unexus was involved in the first brainstorms to figure out the status-quo. The output of these conversations was then used to map out clear processes. But also to establish the core of improvement activities and to record them in processes. With this, we have laid a solid foundation for continuous measurements of quality and improvements in practice.

Immediate improvement

An example of improvement due to the new quality system is the total time necessary to respond to support requests. Thanks to a new registration tooling we are able to manage customer satisfaction more effectively. We also measure on various parts of our service, such as this lead time of tickets. If we don’t reach our target percentages, we can act on this immediately. For example, we have recorded quality improvement in our practice.

And onwards

Unexus team member Wilfred Bassie has the role of quality manager. You can contact him for questions related to ISO 9001. In the meantime, we continue to conduct audits and improve our quality.

Unexus, your certified partner

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