It’s our birthday! Forward-thinking and customer-oriented for 10 years already.

The year 2021 is a special year for Unexus as we celebrate our 10th anniversary. It was 10 years ago that Wim Pullens and Bert Boonstra decided to join forces. A collaboration that originated years earlier and finally became official in 2011. The simple question “Can’t we start our own business?” and an initial business plan drawn up at the kitchen table has ultimately led to a very successful and healthy international company.

Gefeliciteerd Unexus

In the last 10 years, a lot has changed at Unexus and beyond. That’s why we always keep up with the changing world and technologies. The needs of our clients are constantly evolving and Unexus makes sure that the latest trends and techniques are always followed and applied, anticipating on the needs from the field. Always moving forward and constantly improving are of paramount importance. Recent examples include extended support for working from home, voice recognition, chatbot technology, our mobile app, cloud solutions and the Microsoft Teams integration.

Unexus is active in many different industries. Each client receives personal attention and a solution tailored to their specific needs. The corporate structure of Unexus ensures rapid support and a flexible way of working that our clients appreciate. More than 50 housing corporations and many other national and international organizations have put their trust in Unexus and use the modular platform with its extensive reporting and analysis capabilities.

In short, there is a great starting point for the next 10 years of Unexus. Unfortunately, the anniversary comes at a time when parties are online and congratulations are only done from a distance. We hope to be able to reflect more fully on this joyful occasion towards the end of the year. Because there is a lot to celebrate and be proud of.

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