This is Unexus


Project-based approach

We will do most of the work and unburden you. Every implementation is done as a separate project. Our experienced project managers will guide you throughout the process from start to completion of your fully operational communication solution. All the follow-up like training, support and monitoring is also provided by your own project manager.

Professional advice

Every company is unique in its specific needs and requirements. We will start to describe them all, and then we set to work in order to provide good advice in consultation with the employees involved. This can lead to a standard solution (UCS express, UCS professional, or UCS connect), but perhaps customization is more something for your company because of an integration with UCS.

Your concern is our concern

After the successful delivery of your (customized) solution, there is a smooth handover to our support team. We understand the business importance and we offer you the support based on this understanding. Your incident reporting, status and progress can be accessed 24×7 via our web portal. We offer various service levels from which you can choose, ranging from guaranteed software maintenance (software assurance) to extended response times (24×7).

Our support team has in-depth knowledge and experience for many years with IT and Telecom environment, the UCS application and the integration with your applications. The short communication / escalation line between our support team and development team ensures a fast response time for every occasion.